Keep your t-shirt on in Thailand

This guy was the first one this year who got fined 100 THB for not having a t-shirt on at the Songkran Festival. Most police officers do not really mind you have no shirt on in public but this this police wanted to show his might. Make sure you behave during Songkran celebration.

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How is the weather in Thailand? HOT

Thailand never been this hot, maybe it has but i can not rember when. I am sure the coming of Songkran will make everbody happy! The playing of water around Thailand will make sure we all cool down. On the news they said it will be a storm as well with lots of rain lets […]

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Female bar Owner Shot Dead in Pattaya

What do you think about this? Mrs. Phuthita the bar owner of D Bar was driving home from the bar to Sattahip with Mrs. Amornsri and Miss Natweena (the bar’s employee) and opened the window to let so air in when suddenly there was a black car which drove very close and a gunman opened […]

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Thailand Anti Scam

Thailand Scam List Over the recent month there have been many articles in Thailand Media about Thai girls getting scammed by farang in Thailand. The tied have turned it is now not only foreigners being cheated by Thai girls it is Thai girls being cheated by foreigners. It would probably take a while before the […]

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15 Year Old Bride Thailand

This week I visit my sister in the countryside of Thailand. The next door girl had a baby last week and she is only 16 years old and her boyfriend is 18 years old. It is not unusual in the countryside that they marry young. Another couple is getting married while I am here and […]

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Merry Christmas from Bangkok Bar Girl

My first year on line been strange i met so many fun people and a few real “pricks”. My block list still is long as my legs but i have actually lifted some blocks but I do not allow people to comment if they are not my friends anymore. This have stopped most idiots from […]

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Foreigner trying to Scam Thai girl

Hello honey! How are u doing today, how is work over there? The doctor said that my dad will be fine very soon ok. I have deposited the money for the operation and it has been carried out successfully .. Honey i have exhausted my money at the hospital and i even went ahead to […]

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Thai Navy Dancing Gangnam Style

I am not sure what I think about the Thai navy dancing Korean Dance. Some might say it make them look silly or maybe cute. So yes they look cute but on the other hand do you really want the navy to look cute? People outside Thailand already make fun of our Navy and Army […]

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