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Uzbek girls in Nana

In an article in the Bangkok Post you can read about foreign hookers that are working the lower Sukhumvit area get pressed for money by other foreign men. Two years ago the Thai police cleaned up the African gang that had built up a network of drug dealers in the area now the Arabs have […]

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Thai bar girl tricks

It is not enough have to risk getting a scam from a Thai Bar Girl or the  bar, now you have to watch out for the their husbands as well. Even of the writer of the story Bangkok Diaries was nice enough to call it a scam I would call it for what is a […]

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Thai bar girls with no ID

Young Thai girls In Thailand when you go with some bar girl she might tell you she do not have her ID card with her. You should really avoid that kind of problem because of the following reasons She might not be a girl after all it might say boy in her ID card. She […]

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Thai Bar girl SMS

Many bar girls get so brained washed by their mamasan that they whatever they are being told. One of many problems you can face is the SMS and phone calls that will follow after you met a girl in or outside a bar. Maybe you liked the girl and wanted her to come to see […]

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Love Me Long Time – The Movie

Love Me Long Time Actually Thai girls does not say this, this is from some Vietnam movie or something. I never heard any Thai girl say Love me long time or i love you long time. But when the American started to penetrate Thailand instead of Vietnam i guess the phrase move with them. Are […]

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Spoil your Thai bar girl

Spoil your Thai bar girl Thai bar girls and Thai girls in general will be happy if you send flowers or gifts to them from time to time. The best way is to send the flowers or gifts when they are working because then they can show off the flowers to the other girls in […]

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