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Thai love letter

Thai Bar Girl Letter

I got this funny text from Facebook so i wanted to post it here. I made small comments as well, i hope you enjoy it my remarks are in italic. A Typical letter from the village: So all you Farangs beware!  (farang foreigner for everybody who do not know) This Standard Template is available at […]

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Thailand Facebook Dating

Facebook is one of the best social networking Site of the world. Every day you will get New Friend Request and will meet new friends. In this way you may find your dream’s person. But something you must remember for this. •           Do not send any message or Mail to Unknown Thai women. It may […]

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Should a Thai Girl marry a foreigner?

Should a Thai Girl marry a foreigner? These words got my attentions last week when i was reading the news blog of Andrew Drummond about a another poor farang that fall in love in Thailand and Thai girls and gave her all the money and got killed for it (do not say she did it […]

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Cook the fish before eat

Take care of your Thai Girlfriend

Take care of your Thai Girlfriend If you from a western country the government provides a check up for woman and man. In Thailand these checkup seldom happens. The girls do not get called to check their breast or other parts of their body for cancer. Sometimes in dry season like now there is no […]

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Thai girl in Italy

Thai Girls in Italy

Thailand is a country famous for tourism and its traditions. It attracts many European tourists every year; every tour operator shows more offers about Thailand. The sad part of this is that a part of this touristic flow has a known sexual aim. And Thailand is sadly known for this. Italy has since decades different […]

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Love Pattaya

Pattaya Girl Photo on Facebook

I saw this photo on Facebook and the comments was kind of harsh against Thai girls on the photo. Most farang guys who live in Pattaya are “destroyed” by the constant meet with bar girls. Sometimes I wonder if they should not go back home and date a woman in their own age and from […]

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The Future of Pattaya

Is Pattaya your fun town? Some forces in Pattaya are trying to bring Pattaya into the five-star class and other people are trying to bring it further down the gutter. With lesser people from western countries visiting and calling it the second home the dream of a five-star Pattaya is looking very pale. The new […]

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Thai Mistress

Thai Girls in Switzerland

Women are one of Thailand’s most noticeable “exports” to Switzerland. Walk through any large city – and even many smaller towns – and you will notice many Asian faces, mostly women, many from Thailand. Some have come as wives to comfort and care for their Swiss husbands, but even more, it seems are here to […]

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Facebok Abuse

Indian Man Rude to Thai Girl On Facebook

How much rudeness and insults should a Thai girl take? I open my inbox this morning and I found this message from an Indian guy. I have taken off his name to comply with the rules of Google Adsense but I still have this picture on my Facebook Page. I never chatted with him, […]

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