15 Year Old Bride Thailand

This week I visit my sister in the countryside of Thailand. The next door girl had a baby last week and she is only 16 years old and her boyfriend is 18 years old. It is not unusual in the countryside that they marry young. Another couple is getting married while I am here and I am invited to their wedding.

The girl in this wedding is only 15 years old and her boyfriend is 19 years old. His families have paid 35 000 THB in Sin Sot plus 15 grams of gold. This is very far from Sin Sots farang pay to their Thai girls. You can actually get married as low as 13 years of age if everybody agree.

I hear some farang paying one million THB for their Thai bar girl and off course you are welcome to pay whatever you feel but it is not the custom in Thailand to pay this much for a girl from a bar. If the girl have tattoo, baby and she is bar girl maybe you need to give her just something but really not millions. The only thing you need to be aware is that you stop the income for parents but normally the girl never send much back but she tell you she does.

Another misconception is that the farang should take care of the parents and the extended family. Yes we do not have big pensions in Thailand so some money every month to make more easy in the countryside is norm but not millions. You are not responsible for the rest of the family like brothers, sister or their wife or husbands. I know many farang pay for everybody in the family cousins and even people living next door and if you do that there will no end to your payment and you will be the village fool and ATM.

The money you are giving this easy will never go to any good, these people are just taking advantage of your kindness and will just go to gamble, alcohol or leisure. Maybe you can help them with something that in the village so they could help themselves in the long run.

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