Did you Order Valentine to Thailand yet?

Last changes to order flowers to your favorite bar or Thai girl in Thailand. During valentine most florist in Thailand they close the phones just to have the time to deliver flowers around Thailand. If you been to Thailand during this day you know that is totally crazy.

People open small flower shops all over the streets and most restaurants and even 7/11 sell flowers to make extra money. It can get little bit out of hand and the prices sky rocket during the day and fall on the 15 of February.

The short time hotels also have a busy time and most of the time the police go around and check that the limit of 18 years of age is strictly enforced.  Many Thai teens feel pressure to give in and have sex with their boyfriend but when the baby come most boys run away. You probably seen what happens next the Thai girl end up in Bangkok and Pattaya as bar girls and the children is with the grandmother.  When you pregnant in Thailand you are not allowed to study and most of the people hiring staff do not want a pregnant girl since she will soon leave.

So maybe you can cheer up a bar girl this valentine by sending her some flowers or a teddy bear.

The place to order flowers is


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