Do Thai bar girls lie more than others Thai girls

Do Thai bar girls lie more than others Thai girls?

I came across a funny picture on this bar girl blog and it made me think if bar girl’s lie more than normal Thai girls. I know many bar girls and I know many normal Thai girls and I can honestly say without lying that bar girls does not lie more.

I took this up with a girl that work as a secretary in a big hospital (not a bar girl) and I explained to her what foreigners think about Thai girls and lying. First she told me the normal story that I met the wrong people, but after 10 years in Thailand I think I met pretty all kinds of people.

This is my sister – Not!

We then went on to the first lie that a foreigners might meet when he meets a Thai girl and that is the “this is my sister lie” and for a Thai person this is not a lie but for a western person it is. Close family is something we keep dear in our hearts but in Thailand that can include the entire village. The girl she call sister can be a cousin or simple a girl she hang out with a lot.  You also have a lot of mixed marriages with second wife’s (Mia Noy) in Thailand so one man can have many different children.

You are so handsome, sexy man

It is almost impossible to get an honest opinion in Thailand and even my friend Thai friend agrees. When you walk into a shop the seller tells you that everything you try on looks stunning on you and even if you look like a moron they won’t tell you. They want to sell off course and then the Thai people are all about making you happy and avoid any confrontations.

So this sort of behavior moves down to the Thai bars girls off course they want to make you happy because they want to get paid. The more happy you are the more they will get paid it is very logic.

I am a student – jing jing

The bar girls works like a present with wrapper on it. They want to make the wrapper looks as nice as possible so they tell you all kind of things like

  • I am a student (I study English with foreigners)
  • I never been to this bar before (today)
  • I do not have a boyfriend (at least not tonight)
  • I never been to Pattaya (not this week)
  • I never been abroad (I lost my old passport)
  • I always use condom (well almost all the time)
  • I do not have a baby (I have 3)
  • I am not married (not with a foreigner)
  • I like girls (if you pay me well enough)
  • I like sex (I did 10 years ago now I just like to sleep)
  • I do not take drugs (I eat all kind of sleeping pills)

Well you know the list can go on and on but you get my drift it is not really lying they are making the wrapper look better on the outside.

So I am sorry to tell you, you are not a sexy handsome man you are just another fool in paradise.

After reading this story do you think the Thai girls from Pattaya needs to take the pill or not? All the credit for the picture goes to the Dave Rave site.




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