Do you understand your Thai girl?

Do you understand your Thai girl?

We had an offer a few days ago about translating a emails from your bar girl or even your Thai girl if you want to call her that. Why do we think this offer is so good? Well we saw it on Thai Visa and contact the girl who runs the service.

I sat down and talked to the owner about this service and she had the following to say about my questions to her.

Free Thai Translations Valentine offer

Do people like the service?

Yes they finally know what the Thai girlfriend saying but sometimes that can be a bad thing.

How do you mean?

Well most of the time they not communicate and that’s fine but when they start talking they will find out after maybe a month that the girl is not really that talkative. She will say the same thing all over again and when he writes loads of letters she write one. She do not feel the same way….it’s about the money.

So they quit your service?

Yes hahah yes after a while since my service is so good and translate exactly what they say the guy understand that the girl is not really for him. Sometimes the Thai girl has no education and even if I try to be nice the Thai to English will become very same same lol

So you are too good for your own good?

Yes you could say that, when they use Google they find out half the truth and guess the rest it is not so brutal but when I translated it becomes VERY clear who she REALLY is. Most of the time it comes like a shock to them.

So people can try your service for only 1 USD to find out who their Thai girl really is?

Yes ,1 USD is all that I ask the first month and if they want to know something just send me an email.

You can see the offer on the right side on my site

Thanks for the chat!

No problem thank you for taking an interest in my service!

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