Drugged by my ex Thai bar girl friend

Some background: I am 49 yrs and in very good shape for my age. No beer belly on me. 555555. My friend was 37 with two kids living in Isaan with her mom. She worked part-time at a hotel at the reception desk. I found out after a while she had another part time job as well.....selling yaba. 

She wasn't a prostitute in the normal sense. I met her in Lucifers disco on Walking Street Pattaya. We chatted and her English was  quite good. After an hour or so of chatting and dancing to the hip-hop I asked if she wanted to go home with me. She said yes, but insisted she was not a ho. (of course not !)
Well she loved staying in my 4 star condo and going out on the town. She even insisted that I spend too much money when we were out in Pattaya discos. If we were sharing a stand-up table with others, I usually bought a round for my new "friends". She said it would be better if she held my money. I must admit, that worked well. I went from typically spending 5000 baht down to less than half that. 

After the first month together she asked if I would like to see where she grew up. That was an easy decision.....no ! 

One weekend I took my girl to Ko Larn. We planned to spend the night, and got a room at the first place we saw. But after going to the room I wasn't happy. The lock on the door didn't work and there was no bathroom. You had to walk to a different building. I told her I would look for a new room and asked her to hold my wallet so I could swim in the surf. When I returned, she had taken about 3000 baht from my wallet. She said she paid for the room and bought a bottle of vodka in the bar. Bullshit ! I already paid the room. And how much would vodka cost, maybe 1000 at the most. I walked away and got a boat back to Pattaya without saying goodbye. 

Later that night I went back to Lucifer's. A girl picked me up and we went back to my condo. I had the girl give her I'D to the security desk. That is the last thing I remember. I awoke the next morning in a fog. When the girl saw me move, she stopped rooting through my suitcase and ran out the door. I got up and checked my stuff. My camera, cell phone and 2000 baht were missing. I am sure I was drugged. I went to the desk to find out the girl's name. (I forgot to offer a bribe first ??) They said they gave her I'D back to her and had no record of her name.

A few hours later I realized that my "girlfriend" that I left on the island must have called one of her friends in Lucifer's that knew who I was. I was set up drugged and robbed by the Thai girl friends network. The girl I left on the island called me the next day and confessed. She said "that is what happens when you do bad things to a Thai"

No, that is what I get for trusting a Thai girl I met in a bar with holding my wallet. I suppose the temptation was just too much for her.

Starfisher Note

Make sure the first thing you do is to lock inside all cams, cell phones and money in your hotel safe. If you do not have a hotel safe change hotel or get a bag that you can lock. Basically all girls in Pattaya that go with men the first night is some kind of hookers, what ever story they tell. If one police do not want to take your report, report him to his boss.

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