What is your site all about?

We write about Thai girls in Thailand that work in bars, disco techs and Go Go bars.

Can I write for you?

Yes, if you have a unique article, you can submit it to us. You are allowed one link back to your site.

Will you display my article?

Yes, if you have the right keywords and your article is not full of spam.

Can I buy your blog?

Yes, we will accept over 1000 USD at the moment but this might change.

Can we exchange links?

Yes, sure please link back to our domain and use the anchor words “Thai bar girl”

I want to advertise on your site. How can I do that?

We charge 4000 THB per year for a rotating banner.  A real bargain for this quality site if you ask us. Contact us, and we will work something out.

Can you write about my bar?

Yes, send us the info and some photos, and we will write about it. Free drinks or something makes us write faster.

I own a bar and I got a bad review, what can I do now?

Improve your place and we will come visit your place soon.

What if I want more info?

Use the contact us page!

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