Fooled by Thai Girl false marketing

Next time I will not move an inch.

I am tired to the bone of Thai girls that dance like the one they want have sex on the stage but when they come to the room, they act like a dead snail on sleeping pills. The only thing that can wake them up is a late night terrible Thai soap opera but they keep acting like a dead snail but they just open their eyes.

When I am at the club, I hear sweet whispers in my ears and great would happen if I take her home but seldom do. I will probably make a contract with them that everything they say and promise they have to perform. I do not know who created the myth that Thai girls are any good in bed, they are willing for sure for money but they are not good. They are lazy, lack fantasy and will to do anything beyond make you finish as soon as possible. Next time I will just stay will on the bed like a zombie and see what happen, I will let you know.

Chicago John


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