Greedy Thai Bar girls

After reading some journal on a social network I recall a conversation I had with a Thai bar girl on Walking street. She had already an English guy paying her 20 000 THB a month (sucker) and she believed that would keep her off the streets (not!).

She did freelance everyday on the Walking Streets Pattaya and that off course is so much easier to hide then working in a bar.

-          Sucker “Honey my friend saw you in Walking Street. “

-          Bar Girl “My friend want to go out I go out see my friend”

And then comes the kill “You never go out?” and end of story.

Her dream is to get one or few guys paying her a total of 60 000 THB a month and then she will stop freelance (maybe) and take care of her kid. Her worst time of the year is when she actually has to see the boyfriend because then she cannot go out and have fun with her friends. She just wishes he never comes back to Pattaya.

So with that note I leave you with a copy of the similar story I found

A conversation with a Thai bar girl in Pattaya and a girl from Bangkok

Miss Thai Bar Girl:   You come on your own?

Me:  Yes

Miss Thai Bar Girl:   I also come alone, I don’t want to bring my friend together, otherwise i could pay for my friend’s dinner. My Koo – Brow ( คู่บ่าว  I-Sarn word  meaning boyfriend or husband )from Finland will come to Pattaya in soon. I am so boring to take care him.

Me: Why? I think he paid your money then he want to have good take from you too.

Miss Thai Bar Girl: Where are you from?

Me: I come from Bangkok.

Miss Thai Bar Girl: What is work about?

Me: I work in a company in Bangkok.

Miss Thai Bar Girl:  In Pattaya i found many farang cheating many young girls here. I saw many girls disappointed and sad.  Mostly farang come to Pattaya, They are crazy and not good manner. And They know better about Thai girls.(she would mean that farang men at present time are more smart  LOL). If you want to have good manner and rich farang , you should go to Phuket and find one. I went to Phuket and i got a farang man aged 35 years and he gave me lot of money. If my boyfriends from Finland do not come to Pattaya in this month, I will go to Phuket in this Christmas. My boyfriend From Finland is 70 yrs now. If you want high – so and rich farang , you should go to Phuket,

Me : I ever went to Phuket on 2 nd this December. but i just went there for relax, . But I accept that many farangs in Phuket have good looking and good manner. It’s truth. And also Thai people are very lovely and nice too. I stayed Patong beach. But hotel are quite more expensive than Pattaya. I also went to Phi Phi island.

Miss Thai Bar Girl: Yes, many things from Phuket are quite expensive. But the guys pay better money.

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