High Season for Bar Girls low season for regulars

High Season for Bar Girls low season for regulars

It is the time of year when the bar girls have no end to how much money they can spend. Some of them got ticket abroad and some having a busy time trying to squeeze in as many boyfriends as they can during the peak season. One boyfriend over Christmas and one over New Year is not unusual in Thailand.

For all the regular guys hanging around in the bar areas in Thailand this is the low season for sure. The girls have money in the pocket and boyfriend soon to come. They have no desire to go for low season price or at all. The regular dance clubs and bars can actually look more empty than in the low season.

This is also the time of year when a bar girl can find a new ATM to send money at least until July, when the guy gets bored normally and stop sending money. The old boyfriend that arrived for the second time in Thailand saw that the old girlfriend is just one of thousands and started his tour in the bar sois in Pattaya and Bangkok.

For the regular punters  hovering in cheapish hotels around town it is a hard time if they not book  and paid in advance. This is not a good time to renew your contract since the Thai landlord wants high season price for the rest of the 11 month.

The joiners fees in the hotels around Thailand also makes a comeback for a few weeks so that the hotel can squeeze out as much money as possible during this few days. Some big hotels also like to have forced Christmas and New Year dinner when they serve cheap food for stupid high prices. This is mostly for group tours and others but you can also get caught up in this if you booked by internet.

The advice is to stay low in this high season get a regular girlfriend for a few weeks until this hell is over and the Thai starting to realize that the high season now only is for a few weeks in December.

Happy New Year and a great 2011 for all our readers!!

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