Indian Man Rude to Thai Girl On Facebook

How much rudeness and insults should a Thai girl take? I open my inbox this morning and I found this message from an Indian guy. I have taken off his name to comply with the rules of Google Adsense but I still have this picture on my Facebook Page.

I never chatted with him, I never talked to him before he just asked to be my friend and I accepted him. But just because i am a Thai girl and i accepted him as friend does not mean I want to send him dirty pictures. I have hard to understand some of these people and how their mother and father reached them to behave with woman. Not all Thai woman are hookers and any girl should be treated with respect.

If you ever want to meet a Thai girl this is not the way to meet her I can assure you of that. Please be respectful and treat her like your mother and you be better off.

Facebok Abuse

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  1. Dave Duddle July 16, 2012

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