Is your Thai bar girl taking drugs?

The Crack Down on Drugs in Thailand

If you live in Pattaya you might see the arrest the police do every day on the English speaking channels. In Bangkok, you probably read little about it in the English speaking newspapers, its small news.

So will this affect you?

Despite what you believe having sex for money with persons you do not really feel anything for hurt your body and character. To manage with all the inner pressure many Thai bar girls are on some drug; medicinal treatment. It might be sleeping pill it might been forbidden drug or just alcohol. All of these are easy to get in any pharmacy or dark street in all Thai towns. If you happen to be living with a former bar girl you might not even know she take drugs, she maybe do did when you are out or sleeping. She might be selling drugs to her friends and using your living quarters as a base for her illegal commerce. If the apartment or house is in your name the Thai police have a very easy rule, and that is, your place your drug, unless the girl had it on her(but most likely she will toss it on the floor).It might be cool to have a few girls and people come over for a late night party with a bunch of girls and guys you do not know. Once again, your place your drugs if the Thai police come busting in. Do not think your “friends” will keep the drugs on them. When the police come knocking, they will simple put drugs on your floor.

So what should you do when bringing a vixen home for long stay?

Firstly, you should ask her if she is taking any drugs what so ever. Secondly look through her things while she is sleeping or out shopping. If you find any pills ask her what they are for and how she got them. If she says it is medicine from a pharmacy ask her to go with you to the pharmacy and confirm it. If she is found to be taking drugs or have friends that take drugs just ask her to pick you or them it is easy as that. If she really “love” you the choice should be very obvious. Do not go with old I just do it for party or it belong to my friend. You do not want to end up in a Thai prison for something a Thai girl took in your apartment.

If you live in Pattaya you probably have a motorbike and the police is currently making check points all over the city daily. Make sure your her drugs if you suspect she has any is on her and no inside your bike or on your body.

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