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Dating a Thai Girl Now?
This book goes deep into Thai psychology to help you get past the typical disagreements and misunderstandings.

Want to Marry a Thai Girl?
Are you sure? Don’t go a step further without reading this book.

Want to Find a Thai Girl Online?
Whatever you do… don’t! Read this book and find out the best (only) way to find a good girl in Thailand. It’s not online – you’ll understand why…

Want to Know Whether You Have a Good Thai Girl or a Bad Thai Girl?
In 1 hour of reading this book you’ll know exactly what you have.

Should You Pay Dowry?
Read the book!

Note: Reviews of books usually come from other authors buying competitors books and giving them JUNK reviews. The first rating on this book is JUNK and completely out of line. There is no way in the world someone could buy this book and rate it a 1 star out of 5 – it’s just beyond the bounds of logic. We have enjoyed AMAZING positive feedback on this book when it was launched for a test period online.

Buy this book in spite of any bad reviews, and please, write your own review and let the world know if you learned enough about Thai girls to make it worth the little bit of money you spent.

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