Love Me Long Time – The Movie

Love Me Long Time

Actually Thai girls does not say this, this is from some Vietnam movie or something. I never heard any Thai girl say Love me long time or i love you long time. But when the American started to penetrate Thailand instead of Vietnam i guess the phrase move with them.

Are you stupid?

First of all never do what these people have done. Do not record a movie with credits and producers what all this stuff without talking and getting approval from the Thai film board.

The Thai law is very strict on this and if someone would report these people that made this movie they could be arrested and black listed from Thailand.

They do not have a work permit, they do not use a Thai staff, they do not have a movie permit and the list goes on and on.

Love me long time – The Movie

The movie can be downloaded from different torrents and also from Google video or you can just see it here. They do a couple of interviews with guys that have married or dated Thai girls and what they think about it. I guess they wanted to make something positive and then in the end of the movie turn it sour. Well it really did not work everything went kind of fast in the end of the movie and it all sounds good to me. It is pure basic you can buy love in Thailand and they will love you long time and as long as you have money.

The Thai girls in the movie

The Bar girls in Samui are not much to write home about, they are often old and ended up in Samui by accident. Since most people come there for holiday the girls go around a few guys every year and have keep them as boyfriends for a couple of weeks until the next one come. One big fat girl kept bragging on how she had 4 boyfriends sending her money and had to pick the best one. Apparently she went home after the movie and no wonder when they all saw the movie she kind of burned her ships, you cannot accuse them of being clever.

Some other girl dumped her boyfriend for the next guy in the bar when he had money problems and another girl think she was dating a foreign movie star (She must be blind well and he too).

All the girls in the movie are ugly and would never made it to my score 1 in a Thai bar girl scale from 1 -10. My Thai maid looks better than them and my ex Thai girl picked her because she was ugly.

The foreigners in the movie

They are a mix of holiday and expats living the dream (or so they call it) in Samui Island in South Thailand. All of them had bad luck with love in their own country and they thought that paying a girl in Thailand is cheaper than paying a girl back home. Makes perfect sense to me but why pay the girl back home in the first place?

Some guy was sending the girl money while he was away and she just went back working in the bar, one guy got dumped as soon as the money ran out and he still wanted her back (must be love).

None of the girls could speak English normally and only one guy thought that was a problem and that showed at least he had some brains.

None of them had stayed long enough or bought a house with any of the girls so none of them had become bitter yet. They were still happy with the honest, loving, caring Thai girl they people that stayed her long enough knows does not come cheap.

For a Thai bar girl movie it is not bad and not good, it fun to watch but do not take advice from these guys they are fresh fools in paradise.

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