Merry Christmas from Bangkok Bar Girl

My first year on line been strange i met so many fun people and a few real “pricks”. My block list still is long as my legs but i have actually lifted some blocks but I do not allow people to comment if they are not my friends anymore. This have stopped most idiots from commenting on my posts and pictures but some people never learn.

Sometimes it feels like I keep saying the same thing over and over to people, that i am not a bar girl but i write about bar girls and things in Pattaya. Trying to make some guys understand that Pattaya actually have some normal girls is also a bigger than life task

Just last week my own first book came out and it covers many of the dating aspects on line and in life and how you find a real Thai girl. The response been great and i am already planning the next book and that will just contain “bad guys” so you all behave next year!

If you want to buy my book it is available in Amazon Paperback Format and in Kindle format that you can read on any or phone.

If you buy my book and make a nice review send me a PM on Facebook or on my blog and i will send you a personal Thank you photo.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers Kisses from me!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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