My life story: Only 13

Only 13 is my life story. At 13, I ran away from an impoverished, rural Thai village, only to become involved in the sex-tourist industry meeting American and European men. Child prostitution was the only way that I could find to send money to my impoverished family. My entrance into this world was selling my virginity, for which I earned $1,200. I did this to make up for my father s death for which I was blamed, which occurred while he was searching for me. I also needed to pay for my sisters schooling so that they would never have to see sex-tourists as I did. I spent five years in the sex-tourist industry in Thailand before marrying to go to Switzerland. That trip lasted only 12 days. Upon returning to Thailand, I met up with a former customer who took me to Germany where I worked in a massage parlor, while at the age of 19, I looked only 15 years old, and received a premium from my customers. A bad relationship in Germany led me to Sweden where I worked as a stripper for two years before returning to Thailand and writing my story. I am now living in England. You will learn what it is like to be born a poor girl in rural Thailand. You will think my thoughts, feel my fears, understand my views, suffer my pain, and share my victory of leaving the industry. You will learn what it is like to be me.


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