No more escorts on Thailands Craig’s List

No more escorts on Craig’s List

As you might have seen CL do not show any more escort ads anymore. I guess to many murders on the list made them stop. Not fun to hear your name mentioned every time you listen to the news about how the murder met his victim.

But really why do people look for escorts in Thailand? It is not like Sweden or something where you hardly can find a good looking escort most of them are on the streets already. Most of the time you need to run away from all the

-“Hello handsome man I go with you”

So why do people still need escorts in Thailand? Maybe they think escorts are more clean or something but most escorts have more clients than normal Thai bar girls. Maybe they think they are more secure? How can it be secure when nobody see you go with the her on the street?

The only reason I can think off why guys want to order escorts in Thailand is that they are shy for getting a ladyboy and not want to show to the world when they walk home with a boy instead of a girl.

We found one page that taken the place now that CL stopped and could see many escorts moved there

What do you think? Did you order an escort in Thailand and why did you?

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