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I saw this photo on Facebook and the comments was kind of harsh against Thai girls on the photo. Most farang guys who live in Pattaya are “destroyed” by the constant meet with bar girls. Sometimes I wonder if they should not go back home and date a woman in their own age and from their country and come back and be happy about all the Thai girls. Here are some comments they made on the Facebook photo below.

Steve “We eat first and have drink my friend bar ok” – Meaning that all bar girls trying to take you to their bar first to make the customer buy lady drinks.

Steve (again) “how long you work bar.i just start one week” – Referring to that most bar girls say they never work in the bar before, what do you expect they tell you want you want to hear. Do you really want to hear “i worked here for 10 years”?

Tommy “I only work pattaya 1 month cos need giv family muny cos Pappa buffalo step on land mine n now leg kaput , need muny for buy new leg…. U buy 1 drink for me or not? … No …. Kineeowl yang ma toy . Baaa Lao La” – I am not really sure what Tommy mean with lao lao maybe her refer to a beer? But Baa is the crazy or stupid and he is talking about the old my buffalo is sick send me money. But that one is very old and not many bar girls even know that one now, maybe Tommy is as old as the joke 🙂

Fluffer says “One golden rule of pattaya : never take a Girl with wet hairs because she comes from short time 🙂” – Well Fluffer never date a guy name fluffer and they could also work in the shower at your favorite Go Go bar?

Cha a Thai girl get angry and says – “haha like to say in your country the women even look old man n ugly man or fat!!only when you are come visit pattaya and that why the lady call you sexy man but the true xxxxx ugly!! everywhere have the same but not only Thailand!!!” I guess she mean that all farang lady are not pretty as Thai girls 😀

These are pretty normal comments on any photo like this, it always leads to people either defends the bar girls or they make rude comments. I believe that farang guys should not come here like to Pattaya looking for bar girls and expect them to be “normal girls”. A bar girl is a bar girl in ANY country and will act exactly like the Thai do. Maybe they not ask for money for the buffalo but they will ask for rent money or something similar and they will call you handsome and ask for a lap dance. The problem is the normal Thai girls get the same comment and many guys think that all girls work as bar girls and that is of course not the case.

What do you think, do Thai bar girls ruin the reputation of Thailand or are these farang just bad Kwai (buffalo) who need to go home to their own countries and face the real world?

Love Pattaya


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