Pills and Thai girls

Drugs and Thai bar girls

Many foreigners have no idea how big the drug problem is in Thailand and the Thai government also stand clueless or hiding it to look better. The estimated 100 000 people that are drug addicts in Thailand by the Thai government is a big error but it looks better in the newspaper.

Most of the Thai bar girl’s takes or have taken some kind of drug and maybe they still takes it if you don’t know. If you never been to the drug scene is very difficult for you to know how to look for the symptoms of a drug user but you need to try it is about your life as well.

If a drug is found in your apartment with your name on the contract they will blame you as the drug addict and you will get punished and maybe even kicked out from Thailand for something you did not do. If you want to keep a girl for a longer time you need to check if she is taking any tablets of any kind or if she has the behavior of an addict.

Many Thai bar girls take sleeping pills like you eating cornflakes, their many social problems late night party makes them a easy victim for sleeping pills. Even if they are not illegal in Thailand they will cause problem with your girl in the long run.

You also have the diet pill but they are just another excuse to get high because they are one speed and then another for sleep and another is just vitamin. The doctors that subscribe these kinds of pills should get arrested for fraud because once the girl stop she will gain all the kilos again. Do not let your Thai girl take these kinds of pills they are just a gateway to more drug abouse.

The last drug I will mention is hormones and you might wonder why your girl would take hormones and you right a girl would not eat hormones unless she wants babies but a boy might want to eat them to look like a girl…

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