Psycho Thai girl in Insomnia Pattaya

In insomnia Walking Street Pattaya

Me “dancing” to a very new DJ from Holland

Girl -Can I dance with you?

Me - You can dance where ever you like

Girl ” start humping my leg and go up and down my leg like a go go pole”

Me  “moves away 1 meter”

Girl – You do not like me?

Me – I do not know you

Girl – I like you

Me – But you do not know me?

Girl – You want to go with me?

Me – No

Girl- Why not you do not like me?

Me – I am dancing I like the DJ today

Girl – You do not like me

Me – I do not know you

Girl “trying to kiss me”

Me “avoid getting kissed by Thai girl”

Girl -You do not like me

Me -I never go with girl for money ok so no point talking

Girl -I do not work for me money

Me “thinking YEAH RIGHT” and more dance DJ so good

Girl – You are gay?

Me -No why?

Girl – So why you do not like me?

Me -I do not know you

Girl – Sorry , goes away

Me – ok no problem and counties dancing

Girl comes back – Sorry I am sorry and hangs on me arm

Me – ok ok ok ok ok and try to dance

Girl goes away come back after 4 sec says Sorry and really hang on my arm

Me – It is ok I like to dance now

Girl -You do not like me

Me- I think you said that already

Girl – Sorry and goes away

Me -OK

Girl “smacks my head from behind”

Me “what the fxxx”

Girl – Who do you think you are bla bla bla i know bla bla bla ,

Me – Calls Security

Girl “looking for a bottle to crash in my head”

Me -Go to another part of the dance floor

Yesterday I saw her again but she had no memory of even smacking me in the head. She was standing a few meters away from my gang. Next to us there is a group of guys and they just come in to the club. The waiter asks them if they want to drink and they say something to him. Then the girl starts telling them off for not drinking. The guy just smile and ignores her and when he turnaround he got a smack in the head as well. I then think it’s time to leave I do not want to ruin my night fighting with her again.

Why insomnia keeps letting this psycho bitch inside is a mystery, I am sure the security knows very well who she is because she picks fight every time she goes out and get ignored.


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