Sending Money to a Thai girl

How much money are you sending you Thai girl?

I seen Thai girls get numbers from 10 000 THB to astonishing 200 000 THB a month. One person I know he keep sending the girl more than 300 000 THB a month but I do not know for what. Maybe if you are stupid enough to build a house in Thailand when you not here then maybe you should send that much but otherwise it is way over. A normal ex (hopefully) bar girl can easily survive in her village for around 15 000 or less but her family will not be happy. So it is better to keep it around 15 000 THB a month and keep mom and dad happy. Sending them, more money will not make them more faithful it will just make them lazy and greedy. If you planning to take the Thai girl to your country after a while she might have gotten used to the big lifestyle and when she visit you she get disappointed of lack of money and things she will get.

If you want any help with the amount, you should send, please send us a email or make a comment we will be happy to help you.

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