Size matters in Thailand

Size matters when it comes to Thai girls. They do not want something that their friend have already if they can avoid it. Have you taken a look at MBK center and checked how many different shops selling accessories for already working phones? Bling Bling Bling US style all the way baby@!

For a Thai person if it is cheap it is not good but if it cost money it must be good and that’s why they sell more handbags and luxury cars here than in Japan. Thai people are more like people from the US than any other country.

My friend has a ex girlfriend and she is not a Thai bar girl she is a normal educated girl but all she can talk about is how much money her present boyfriend is spending. He spent 10 000 THB on a hospital room when he got sick, he spent 5000 THB on medication and they spent 5000 THB a night in the restaurant last night. When my friend asked if they got any “value for money” she said no but they spend a lot and that was good according to her. But you need to tell people about it off course if nobody see you spending what’s the point. Now she as at the law office and spending 3000 USD to get married in Thailand even she could have done it herself since she speak much better English then the translator.

So size really matter to a Thai girl at least the size of your wallet and the credit limit on your credit card.

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