Spoil your Thai bar girl

Spoil your Thai bar girl

Thai bar girls and Thai girls in general will be happy if you send flowers or gifts to them from time to time. The best way is to send the flowers or gifts when they are working because then they can show off the flowers to the other girls in the bar.

Sounds silly but it will work

I know this sounds silly for western people but the Thai bar girls goes absolutely bonkers when they get flowers, gift or money when they working, i seen it myself.

You can be sure to get the gift back when you come to Thailand next time. Sure she will not stop working in the bar that day or any other day but you are in love with a bar girl so make the best of it.

Even Thai bar girls are girls and they love attention as any normal girls do and when they can show off to their friend they love it even more.

Send flowers maybe one or two weeks before your next arrival and you will see the change in attitude.

Send flowers to Thailand

The best way is to use a local florist, do not use one of these international companies that you find on Google. They will tell you they send flowers anywhere but really they are just adding up the price and send you to a local Thai florist.

We normally use  Thailand Florist and they are very reliable and owned by a Thai girl. She knows her way around the bars and can deliver to any Bangkok or Pattaya bar personally. We also had her deliver flowers to Phuket and Hua Hin with great success.

She can also help you with sending money or whatever you want to give you Thai bar girl.

Checking up on your girl

Sending flowers to your Thai bar girl is also a great way to check up on her. Does she really live or work at the same place? Is she really in Pattaya or Bangkok at the moment? Does she live alone or did a foreigner answer her phone?

Ask the Thai florist if they can check for you they do if for no extra charge.

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