Take care of your Thai Girlfriend

Take care of your Thai Girlfriend

If you from a western country the government provides a check up for woman and man. In Thailand these checkup seldom happens. The girls do not get called to check their breast or other parts of their body for cancer.

Sometimes in dry season like now there is no water in provinces like Surin where many of the girls you meet in Pattaya and Bangkok come from. With no water it is not easy to keep a clean and healthy body. Maybe these health effect show at the young age but maybe when your girls get older she will have issues.

There is also a lack of dental care in Thailand and most Thai girls never or very seldom visit the dentist. Some have the mouth full with holes or bad teeth in general. For a better romance and kissing bring her to a dentist and fix her teeth. Bangkok Hospital such as have one check up get one free almost all the time and dentist are super cheap in Thailand.

If you find the girl of your dreams in Thailand you should take her for a real health check up.
Many Thai girls live by the mentality of “me pen rain” and do not care if they have pain each day. They might go to clinics that give them a injection and they fine for a few weeks until next injection. You might even want to take the family for a check up it might save you the money when the father becomes sick later.

One of my friends has TBC and died last month, she did not care what the doctor said but thought she be ok. She did not make it and died only 24 years of age even if she did not have to. The lack of education for many Thai people is also one reason they not care about their health, they simple do not know what all these sickness are.

There are also the many hidden diseases in Thailand the girls get eating bad food when they consuming chopped raw fish salad (Koi pla) such as. Each 28 000 people in Thailand die from this and you do not want your Thai girlfriend to be one of them.

Opisthorchis viverrini infection is one of the major public health problems in Thailand. Although information about transmission of this parasite to humans is well established, infections are still prevalent in the northern and northeastern Thailand. Thus, prospective epidemiologic information is needed for developing more effective public health interventions. A cohort study to identify incidence and risk factors of O. viverrini infection was conducted in a rural community in Thailand during December 2002-February 2004. The incidence rate of opisthorchiasis was 21.6/100 person-years. The independent factors associated with opisthorchiasis were an age > 60 years and consuming chopped raw fish salad (Koi pla). Thus, avoiding this raw fish salad should be emphasized in the national control program.
If you want to live in Thailand educated yourself about the health problems Thai people have because they can also be your problems. I am sure you had no idea about this Koi Pla problem and maybe you even eat it with your Thai girl? Most street food are not that great for your health even if they might taste lovely. Every year a few people die from eating spicy salad because the shrimp (gong) was so polluted.

There are also loads of bad products in the Thai market and because of that the fertility age of the Thai girls are much less than western woman. Many of my Thai friends have their ovary removed in very early ages while western woman can have babies until 45 years of age.

Both you and your Thai girl probably need exercise and instead of buying her a fitness card she might never use, find what she like to do. Maybe she like to dance or run or just go for swim in the pool. The most important is that she moves around outside the bed as well and probably you as well.

Enjoy your life together in Thailand and remember love is caring as well.

Remember to cook your fish!

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