Tears For The Thai Girl Pattaya

Jarapan had it all. A wonderful family, a good job, and a fiancé she loved and would soon marry. But that was before the incident. When a friend offers work in Pattaya, she leaves her home in Khon Kaen to start a new life. Mike Johnson had it all, too. He was living every man’s dream of owning a successful go-go bar in Thailand. When he hired a new accountant, he got more than he expected. For the first time in years he was in love and he was happy. Then he got sick – really sick. Walk with Mike and Jarapan as fate twists their romantic dream into a terrifying nightmare. Oriignally printed as One High Season by Bangkok Book House.

About the Author
J.F. Gump has worked, lived, and traveled extensively in Asia. His stories are fictionalized versions of real life events. His goal is to make you feel like you are there, in Asia, and walking beside his characters. For him, the characters are real people he has come to love. He wants you to feel the same.


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