Thai Bar Girl Letter

I got this funny text from Facebook so i wanted to post it here. I made small comments as well, i hope you enjoy it my remarks are in italic.

A Typical letter from the village: So all you Farangs beware!  (farang foreigner for everybody who do not know)
This Standard Template is available at many INTERNET cafes in Thailand i see it before.

Dear Tilac, (darling in Thai)

I love and miss you so much. Now I have big pomprem. I tell you before that my buffalo me sick. Now it die. Fall down dead in middle of rice field. but, when it fall, it land on Papa and break him leg in three places. Now he not work. Brother me make stretcher from bamboo he take from loof of house.  (Thai people we can not say RRRRR so gooood)

Now roof collapse and rain get in house. Brother she take Papa to hospital on motocycle. She have accident coming home. Run into police car. Brother me to blame. Police say we have to pay big money. Motocycle OK. Police car no good. Now give Mama have heart pomprem. Doctor say she need triple bypass. I not understand what is, he say you know. If you not help me I have to go with many, many farang to pay bill.

The old people in my village in Roi-et say it all your fault.  (that is true it is always your fault with a Thai girl) If you give me money to buy medicine for sick buffalo when I ask you, then it not die, Papa not break leg, house still have loof, brother not ride into police car and Mama not have heart pomprem. Please send for me 200,000 baht for my bank. Papa fix: 10,000, new loof:30,000, New police car 100,000: Mama fix:50,000. I take off 2,000 bht for sell buffalo meat, but have to pay more hospital bill for 24 people have pomprem eat no good meat – 12,000bht. I not know money England but my friend me say it about 3,059,875 baht. This mean you send me 65,000 English money. Big money for me, little money for you.
I love you too much long time. Tikka

Thai love letter

Thank you for Ioannis Weissenböck for the story on Facebook


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