Thai Bar Girl She is My Sister

Thai Bar Girl She is My Sister

When a Thai bar girl say “this is my sister” it is probably the first lie you will hear from a bar girl in Thailand. When a Thai girl says “this is my sister” she means that this girls is close to her. She might be from the same village, same town, same province o what the heck she is from Thailand.

When a Thai bar girl is referring to a sister she do not think the same we and you do about our sisters, should probably could care less about this girl in the future. There is no reason to treat this girl like a family and she probably be replaced very soon by another “sister”.

You need to ask a few times about the blood relations to know exactly who this girl is.

Start to ask where is she from? She do not know or other province, not sisters

What is her father and mothers name? If she does not know, not her sister.

How  old is she? If she does not know, not her sister.

I think you know the game you need to play now and it is a game because she will find another sister very soon and you have to play the same game over again until you find her real family.

Just thread a bit carefully since sometimes they are cousins, half sisters or some other relations.

Good luck with your family tree and remember if she has a “brother” it is always her Boyfriend.

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