Thai Bar girl SMS

Many bar girls get so brained washed by their mamasan that they whatever they are being told. One of many problems you can face is the SMS and phone calls that will follow after you met a girl in or outside a bar.

Maybe you liked the girl and wanted her to come to see you again but not at the bar. How fun is it to sit all night waiting for the girl to finish her work. Is it not better to wait at home until she finishes her work and save the bar fine as well?

Loyalty to the bar

But now comes the problem the, some Thai bar girls are so brained washed by their mamasan that they refuse to come and see you outside the bar. Even if you tell them they will get the money you will pay for the bar fine anyway. They do not care they only want to meet at the bar and not at your home.

They probably stays at the bar and own the mamasan money and they are so connected to the bar that they will never meet you outside whatever you offering them.

SMS Bar Girl Spam

If the girl smells you are interested you will start getting SMS and phone calls at night asking you to come and see her, at the bar. Some bar have even girls SMS all the guys on the list every night all night.

One of my friends used to get different messages every night. At first he thought that the girl liked him and wanted to see him again. But then the SMS kept coming regardless if he went to see her and the problem was she forgotten to change the name for every message she called him all different names every night.

She is the bar and the bar is her

If you meet this kind of girl that is so connected to the bar you should never ever try to do anything serious with them. The bar runs in her blood and she will have a (debt) (kreng Jai) to the bar forever in her life. If you move her from the bar one phone call from the mamasan will make her come running back or ask you for more money to pay for her. The bar will never stop milking her for money and even if you pay her out she will still send money back to the bar. If you go back home the first thing she will do is go back work in the bar and see her friends again. Because she is the bar and the bar is her for all eternity and you are just another fool in paradise.

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