Thai bar girl tricks

It is not enough have to risk getting a scam from a Thai Bar Girl or the  bar, now you have to watch out for the their husbands as well. Even of the writer of the story Bangkok Diaries was nice enough to call it a scam I would call it for what is a theft and call the police.

I found this story on Bangkok Diaries a blog about the Thai night life.
Apparently the bar girl he met had some foreign husband that kept learning her tricks on how to get money from customers in the bar she work in. Most Thai bar girl tricks are not this advanced and most of them are honest girls just trying to make a living. When you go to a bar you will have more problem with the bar owner or mamasan then the actual bar girl.

The Thai bar girls tricks are mostly false adverting of the product

  1. The Thai girl got the red day when you come to the room and you pay them anyway and to go.
  2. They insist that their friends like you as well so you pay two bar fines and then the other girl magical disappears.
  3. They promise they will do all sorts of things with you and they never come true.
  4. They promise long time and go short time and go back to the bar and work another round.
  5. They tell you they not have a baby but her stomach look like a mud pole when she comes back to the room.
  6. They tell you that she is a Thai girl but actually that is her sisters ID.
  7. They tell you they are virgins, you must love that one!

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