Thai bar girl with Thai Boy Friend

First I must say that I am very sorry that this Singaporean man dies in Pattaya because of greedy bar girl, her husband’s, and a other friend. I cannot imagine this man ever thought his life would end for a 21 Samsung TV and some other things.

Many Thai girls in the bar business have a Thai boyfriend or ever husband, to be fair a few also have a foreigner husband but not that many.

Miss Au was a regular service girl to this Singaporean man and instead of giving him discount she and her husband decided to rob him. As many other criminals they do not have a brain so they managed to kill him and was seen lifting stuff from his house the same night.

A similar thing happened with a Thai man who was in love with a Thai Karaoke girl a few weeks ago in Pattaya, he got robbed by the “brother” and they took off in his car after empty his ATM and stab him 30 times.

A finish disable man was killed while having sex with his regular Thai bar girl. The Thai boyfriend showed up at the apartment and beat him to death to steal a few thousand.

If you check the internet there are many other stories about the same subject over and over Thai boyfriends making problems for the customers.

If your Thai bargirl have a Thai boyfriend and you think you can separate them just forget about it. Even if you move away from the town with her she will still keep contact and send money to him. They are more persistent then the family because he is dependent on her to send him money.

You should also consider that the Thai boy probably have other Thai girls that he have unprotected sex with while the Thai bar girl is service you. Your bargirl will go back and have sex with him when she can and bring something nasty back to you. This is the fastest way the HIV virus is no spread in Thailand.

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