Thai Bar Girls with HIV

In Bangkok Post last week they talked with a girl that worked as a street girl around Nana every night. She mostly went with Indian and Arab men because the area around Nana has turned into a small Arab town in just a few years.

I guess nothing new to a Thai girl working from the street, Thai bar girls starting taking to the streets a few years ago. Before you can hardly see any bar girl work from the street but since the Arab around Nana don’t go to bars (they don’t drink) they girls found a way to show themselves. Same thing happen to Pattaya the Arab don’t go to the normal Go Go bars so the girls found a way to show their talents on the beach road.

The difference here is that she has HIV and she knows it. She also knows that having sex with customers with no condom will probably give them HIV as well. She does not ask men to have sex without condom but she likes it because they finish faster and many times the customer pays more to not use condom.
So now I wonder how many men that visit Thailand play this life and death game? Do they have a wife and children and will they infect their wife’s as well? I have not seen much statistic on the HIV level in Arab countries but I know it a big problem in India.

The girls that work on the streets in Bangkok do that for a reason they have something to hide, either they are drug addicts or they are sick in some form. If you work in a bar or massage palace the owner would not allow the girl to work if she is sick. I am not saying that all Thai girls work in bars in Bangkok are healthy and without HIV but going with a girl from the street is a bigger risk.


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