Thai girls move in

Some Blogs about Bar girls in Thailand can just go on and on about the smallest details. If you check out the werewolfs blog about Thai Bar Girls you find stories about cooking, showering going to work and all with a bar girl. The name prostitute and the fact that the girl in your bed is only there because you paid here is seldom mentioned in the stories.

Just after a few days they are off to the supermarket and buying a fan, extra pillow, water heater and a micro. They have a amazing ability to just move in and that is without your consent or knowingly asked them to.  They just took over the TV remote and you will learn that 20.00 – 23.00 is Thai soap opera time.

But I guess that is the fascinations that people have with the Thai Bar Girls that they become so much more than a hooker on the street almost instantly. As soon as you found one you liked or paid for a number in a Go Go bar she transforms from a number to a Thai girlfriend in a second.

I am sure the local ten dollar crack girl back home would also call you boyfriend and handsome just before she runs away with your wallet.

I understand perfectly why people fall in love with Thai bar girls it is pure magic for the soul at least for a while.

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