Thai Internet Bar Girls

If you are an internet kind of guy you might think it is better to find Thai bar girls on the internet but think again. These clever foxes are not to be played with and most of the time there is a boyfriend behind the advert.
Why look on Craigslist and other internet sites for a Thai bar girl when you can just step out of the door in Pattaya and have thousands girls within reach. Girls you can actually touch and feel and you know they are real. (A late Christmas rime)

You will get personal classifieds like this one

Hello, I am a 32 yo housewife, no children and I am looking for a young lover. Strong and very virile with a big xxxx. 18-21 with 8 inches would be ideal. I am slim, good looking and can do EVERYTHING!!!! for you if you are the right guy, axxx oxxx, no problem. Send some body and face pics and you could soon be in my bed, but send good ones.

This is a 40 year something guy in Bangkok that likes to get photos of naked guys to his inbox and do not ask me what he does with them.

Sure it is convenient to get girls sent to your room but they are never what you think they are. The photos of the girls they show on the sites and other girls and even if they promise to send you a new girl but how fun is it to wait another 30 min when you ready to go off.
No the place to get a Thai bar girl is in a Bar or on the street forget about the internet girls they will just give you problems.

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