Thailand Facebook Dating

Facebook is one of the best social networking Site of the world. Every day you will get New Friend Request and will meet new friends. In this way you may find your dream’s person. But something you must remember for this.

•           Do not send any message or Mail to Unknown Thai women. It may cause negative thinking about you. If you are friend with the person, just make fun with her in Comment before send her a message

•           If she is replying your comment. Then send her a friend request. And then try to comment on her status and if you both get free quickly then you can tag her in Status.

•         Do not tag her in photo unless she do it to your first.  It will attract her. And she will try to reply you. In this way you can make a better friendship. Do not ask extra personal thing about her at the first meet.

•           Always try to keep your wall clean and try to share nice things, that will also attract her. And always Update your status with Nice Quotes and Various Thing and about your nice activity. Remember, you should not share any Porn page or Image on your wall. It may not like by her that is if you looking for a good Thai girl.  So if you have something like that, you must keep them hidden since she will check your history for sure.

•           Try to Upload beautiful Photos of yours self and Upload photos of your activity with friends and family. Keep in mind that the photo you will upload must give your clear image. Also if you upload photos of while joking with friends and playing in vacation will be a plus point for you. If you always chat with you, so you can tag her in your personal Photos.

•           Facebook Dating is a such thing that will happen itself but by your activity. So avoid such thing that she doesn’t like. And if she doesn’t reply to your comment and chat. Just let it go. Because it may hamper her thinking about you. May be she was busy then. And will reply when free.

•           If a girls doesn’t want to make you as a friend. Then never send him message, and comment with her again and again. But keep doing your activities as well as it was going. If she is attracted on you, then she will message or comment on your activities.

You may not try to disturb a new person on Facebook for friendship. It is her wish. Also it will hamper you dignity upon her.

From Joy, but must have all remember to turn off the computer sometimes and meet in life where you can not tag, click, like and avoid POKE – Cheers!

P.s If you want to publish something on my blog, let me know as long as it has something to do with Thailand. D.S

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