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This book is the cumulative knowledge gained through living in Thailand for eight years and traveling on a budget. It contains complete itinerary with logistics of a trip from Bangkok to Lipe Island and then up along the Anaman coast. It contains notes of trips to Chang and Samet and other islands. It is a kit in the sense that it tells you how to go about things such as outfitting a hut with lights on the porch and how to avoid the ripoffs that can occur. Thousands of bits and pieces making up tips for travel in Thailand. While written by a budget traveler it is of value to for the high-end travelor who can use this kit to explore areas and as a guide to specific locations. It is not a mere listing of locations or a standard guide like Lonely Planet that while good, often leaves tourists staring at a hundred places and not able to decide easily an accommodation or a restaurant. This is not a criticism of the Lonely Planet guide which is comprehensive. This is a How to Guide written by a guy who has stayed on islands many times for up to eight weeks straight. He knows how to get what you want and how to get it and how to take your trip to another level. Contains specific tips and where to go to get any necessary items cheaply. From safety information to travelling through miles and miles of mangroves on a longtail boat on the way to an island to phone numbers for ordering a pizza and having it delivered to your hut or where the best seafood barbecue is. Become a Thailand travel guru before you leave on your trip. Also ontains some cultural information and experiences that might be of interest to serious students of Thailand.

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