The customer is always wrong in Thailand

Well this is not really about bar girls it is about any Thai girl actually they can be pretty “hot hearted”  when they want to. But wait yes it is not about a bar but it is about a girl who stays with a much older man with money so in some way they are kind of related.

When you stay with someone against your “inner” will any irritation will come to the surface much faster or the boiling point is so much closer. I know I know she tells you that she loves you and you believe her, you are the most handsome man she ever been with and believe me she have a few to chose from. But anyway this girl that I am talking about she changed her Facebook status from engaged to open relationship in the matter of minutes because of a argument of food.  In a few days she put it back to engaged again and the boyfriend probably had to send her a present or something similar. This is why Thai girls like foreigners a Thai guy would not backed down but a foreigner even if he is the customer in this case most likely will. Small things that a person who really really loves you would never fight about will be a big problem when money comes into the picture.

So now valentine is coming up and it is time for flowers and even if your Thai girl says she do not want flowers and even if she say save your money she really do not mean it. It might work if she is staying alone with no friend but I can assure you if she is with friends and they get flowers you are in for a hell of a fight.  So the best way to make her happy is to make her queen of the night and make sure she have the most roses.  We recommend Thailand Florist, they always delivers on time and with no hassle. They use secure payment with Pay Pal and you do not have to give your credit card to someone you do not know.

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