The Future of Pattaya

Is Pattaya your fun town?

Some forces in Pattaya are trying to bring Pattaya into the five-star class and other people are trying to bring it further down the gutter. With lesser people from western countries visiting and calling it the second home the dream of a five-star Pattaya is looking very pale.

The new Pattaya is full with Russian, Indian, Arabs and Chinese tours and those people do not even stay for the fun they just get on the bus and leave.

I think i never see so many ladyboys in Pattaya as in 2012 and most of them are here for the Arab and Indian clients. Is it a good thing that Pattaya have been a party zone for the Arabs and left the western people running for other safe harbours like Go Go bars? Indian and Arabs hardly buy any condos and Russians keep for themselves.

Nothing be ashamed off anymore

If you check the “Facebook check in” you will see more and more people “check in” at a Go Go bar and they are not ashamed of it. A few years ago people never went public going to a Go Go bar but now it is very normal thing. Even the strict video and photo rules been broken and girls from different Go Go bars are splashed in magazine and Social Media.

The Pimp a Bangkok “club” have friends on Facebook from all categories and they even advertise on Facebook even if the place is exactly what is says a whore house. In Pattaya “The Office” and other Go Go bars are promoting themselves on Facebook and on TV you can see many Go Go bars showing off girls late at night.

With East Europe, African and different Asian girls and Ladyboys for sale in Pattaya and promotion of sexual freedom on social networks i do not think Pattaya will go into the future as a five-star holiday destination for “normal” people.

What do you think?

Mike, Expat for five years in Pattaya

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