The Pattaya Airport Link

A high speed rail link between Bangkok, Pattaya Airport and Rayong has been approved and finalized by the cabinet of Thailand and is under preliminary stages of construction at present. It is being built parallel to the Sukhumvit highway along the coastal line of Thailand. This express train track will be replacing the existing one that travels from Pattaya to Bangkok once a day both ways. This train that runs at present is available simply with third class cabins that consume almost four hours while stopping numerous times during the journey from Pattaya to Bangkok at which makes it inconvenient to its passengers. Therefore the future high speed train is going to be a more consumer friendly service that is provided by the State Railways of Thailand.

This express train is supposed to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya through Chachoengsao and Chonburi which will be passing four provinces and four stations along the whole route of 221 Kilometers that leads to Rayong. The passengers are provided with the comfort of commuting to Bangkok from Pattaya in less than one hour as a result of the train’s expected speed of 200 kilometers per hour. The cost of this rail link project is estimated 57 billion Thai baht where China is supposed to be funding and providing the technology as well as its maintenance. The constructions of the high speed track are expected to be completed by the year 2015.

As a result of this new development, natives who live along the coastal line are going to be benefitted with more employment opportunities. The high speed rail link also offers the public to commute to work to Bangkok much conveniently than any other travelling options available at present. The pollution in the air will also be reduced due to the less automobile traffic along Bangkok motorway 7 since the public will be able to utilize this high speed train for their travelling needs once it is completed.

This particular coastal line of Thailand is definitely going to become a beach side suburb of Bangkok with the prices of lands soaring high already. Bangkok has been voted as one of the best destinations to travel by the readers of The Travel + Luxury Magazine. Therefore this high speed rail link will draw more foreigners to the coastal areas, making it one of the most popular beach resorts in Asia in the near future.

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