The somewhat ugly Thai girl on the bus

On the bus from Nakon Somewhere to Pattaya I overheard a phone conversation with a girl and later i was woken up by the same girl screaming “putta madre” “Vafan Colo” well you know all the nice words girls in Pattaya learn from their Italian boyfriend.

So the girl was average looking pretty skinny but with big melons and that was probably her strong point because otherwise she look very average almost ugly and skinny from my point. But if you like young skinny girls that look almost underage well she could be your bag to take home.

She had a boyfriend in Pattaya or at least one and he was now calling to see where she was because he could hear she was not in Nakon Somewhere anymore she was on a bus heading to Pattaya. She probably told him that she would go and stay there while the boyfriend visited mamma in Italy or something like that. He kept calling and she kept swearing to him saying he has been unfaithful and she knew what was going on. He probably had no idea what was going on but Thai girls always attack first when they have something to hide.

What did she had to hide? Well the first phone call was from her British boyfriend that was not landing at Bangkok airport and she was on the way to meet him off course. Then they probably would take off on some nice holiday in Phuket or something far away from Pattaya. He had off course no clue about the Italy boyfriend and had met her last New Year in Pattaya.

The rest is purely speculation off course but i seen this scenario before and when the British boyfriend goes back to cold old England the girl calls the Italy boyfriend and make up with him again. She said that some Thai girlfriend just lied about him being unfaithful and she was willing to forgive him for being angry.

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