The Thai Bar Girl Experts

I had a talk with some farang last week about the cost of the bar girls and how much money they make. Some guy that been in Thailand for over 10 years said that he always paid the bar fine and he always paid about 3000 THB when the normal rate in Pattaya is 500 THB. He also said that he knew many Thai girls that made over 500 00 THB a month. It was at this point I wondered if was from Mars or something or believed everything the Thai bar girls told him.

You can think for yourself a Thai bar girl do not work 30 days a week she work maybe 20 the rest of the days she might be sick or have her woman days. So the bar girl need to make 25 000 a day to make 500 000 THB a month and i never seen anybody go with that many customer in one day. When the American Navy visit Phuket and Pattaya the girls make a small fortune but that’s maybe twice a year and not even 25 000 in one day.

Most of the girls are broke all the time and they owns money to the bar or some other people they do not have a small fortune stashed away. It is like the Thai society maybe one percentage get rich have the luck to strike gold with some rich farang that happens to die and leave her with a small fortune.
Do not believe all these tales you hear from so called experts in bars girls, there is a reason why they still sit in the bar alone after 40 years.

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