The Thai Bar Girl that will ruin your night out

The Thai Bar Girl that will ruin your night out

When you for some reason need to go out with the boys, show them a good time in Thailand, and not care so much about the Thai girls, these girls will ruin your night.

  1. “Dancing Queen” The very drunk girl that some twat gave to many girl drinks and bar fined and never took home. She is now on a mission to have as much fun as possible with her friends from the same bar. You will see her and her friends crawling to the nearest dance floor and if she can kick down all your bottles and glasses she have accomplished her evening.
  1. “Drunken Desperado” Similar to girl number one and often a friend of her, she will instead of trying to dance hold on to you or one of your friends and tell you how drunk she is. Probably never bar fined in her life and a so desperate that she will now try to hang on your gang until someone have mercy and take her home (free). However, not let the free ride fool you it will be at most some eating leftovers in your bed while looking at Thai late luk tung songs. If nobody takes her home, she will probably fall asleep on the chair or puke on your feet.
  2. “Lonely Desperado” This girl is like a robot and stumbles high or drunk from each person trying to says something in their ear. It does not matter what you say back she will go one with her own talk until you take her home or reject her.  You need to watch out for this one she can be violent if reject to harshly, the best method is to point at some other girl nearby as if it is your girlfriend.
  1. “Lonely intruder” The girl that is near the breaking point of her carrier and probably need to stop working with men. She can walk up to any group of the opposite sex and just stand in the middle or between them. She will just stand there saying nothing until you notice her or move to another spot. This girl can flip at any time so do not take her home as a mercy call you can end up in the hospital. She will have no friends and nothing to lose and really, dislikes working in the sex trade but do it anyway.
  1. “Makeup Mafia” They will not come to late nor will they come to early they will come at a perfect time. They will circle the place a few times to let people notice their perfect make up and the clothing and jewelry. Most of them will also carry big boobs and a fake noose.  If your group has been unlucky, enough to take “their” spot they will just simply unload all their handbags on your table and act as if you do not exists. They do not really care about going with men since some moron is sending them more than they can spend. However, if you starting to buy them drinks that cost a lot you might get their attention. Do not provoke these perfect creatures of the night they know the security guards and they already slept with all the owners.
  1. “Food Ladies” Not often spotted in nightclubs but on rare occasions, these happy hobbits wonder out. They are often recognized on their older fashion, a deep-fried food bag, big body volume and being ecstatic of being out. They love to go home with any man they can find free since this is the only night out for a year. If you think you recognizes them it is because they are probably the once selling you pork stick in the morning on other nights. They are very harmless if not insulted and rejected in a rude manner but it can be a bit much to handle since one year has to come out in one night.
  1. “Group Girls” These girls can take over an entire table in a matter of minutes since they are so many. They often come in packs of several dozens and mostly accomplished by several walking ATMs. Your drinks and bottles will be moved to another table in a jiffy while these girls group just take over the night club. Best approach is to say hello and enjoy the free drinks courtesy of the walking ATMs, also look out for any leftover girl they already bar fined but did not want.

If you have any other group of girls that can ruin a night out please let us know by contacting us or leaving a comment below. We guarantee that all these different groups really exist and most of them can be found in a nightclub near you in Thailand.


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