Top Ten Ways to Know that Your Bar Girl Really isn’t that into you.

Top Ten Ways to Know that Your Bar Girl Really isn’t that into you.

I’ve met alot of these girls, but thankfully my “up close and personal” experiences have been few. This list is comprised of both personal experience and the daily chaos that comes from working in the Chiang Mai night club scene. Many guys fall into the trap of thinking they have found a girlfriend. In truth, they have actually found a paid escort or prostitute. Payment may be in the form of dinner and shopping, but it’s still just money. I don’t find any problem with that, as long as both parties understand the game.

In an effort to pass along some combined wisdom, I have put together a top ten list. These are some of the signs that your “girlfriend” is just working you and not really all that into you.

1. You have to turn off the TV to get her attention in bed
2. She answers her phone at any time (and I mean any time)
3. She refers to you as “customer” when talking with her friends
4. She’s suddenly “busy” whenever you’re short on cash
5. She’s rifling through your pockets in the middle of the night
6. You paid a bar fine. Stop and think about it for a second
7. She has a sick family member who needs some ridiculous amount of money
8. She says “I love you” on the first or second “date”
9. Take a look in the mirror. Are you really the “handsome man” she claims you are?
10. She asks to use your computer to email her “guy friends” in the UK and USA

If you can identify with at least one item on that list, it’s time to evaluate your status. I have seen many a foreigner overlook every item on the list and still hold out hope. I see this kind of thing every day at work. Some poor guy always wants to think that his girl is different than the rest. In the end, the result is always the same. They always wind up spending way too much money, and having more of a headache than a good time. I hear story after story from guys who go through this here everyday. I generally don’t intervene, but I have on rare occasion. I earn my paychecks in the same bars as the girls, so getting into their pockets tends to cause problems for me.

My next article will be on the proper confrontation of a bar girl and/or friend involved with one. It was a lesson learned the hard way, and should make an for an informative read

Expat Matt

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