Treat your bar girl as normal girl

If you want to date a bar girl for any reason then you need to accept that she was a bar girl and she has been with other men (probably more then you want to know). Whatever she does in the future is another matter but what she done in the past cannot be brought up.

If you or your friends always bring up the old past as a bar girl then you probably better of letting her go and get a normal Thai girl. Tell your friends to respect her but do not cut them off, a bar girl have several tricks and one is to cut your friends off.  But if you and your friends can not stop mention her pas then she will just turn on you and become a bar girl again.

But if the Thai girl on the other hand keeps acting like a bar girl then you should just dump her, you can never wash her clean from her life. She is not old or willing enough to leave her old life behind and will just lie behind your back. Trust me trying to fight a bar out of a Thai girl is almost impossible and it does not matter if you bring her to another country she will just leave you get there.

So if you want to treat your ex bar girl as a normal Thai girl then you should also remember that all Thai girls lover flowers on valentine.

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