Violent Gang of Ladyboys in Pattaya

As always you should be very careful when going home with any “girl” from the beach or street in Pattaya. The girls from the bars and GO GO bars have ID cards but still can be dangerus but at least you know who they are after they rob you. If you feel unsecure always ask them to leave the ID card in the reception and never go home to some “girl” house or apartment.

Mr Alireza Safarian Bahri is 40 year old from Iran notified Pattaya Police that he was beaten and robbed by 2 ladyboys in a rented room at Soi 4 Central Pattaya.
He was approached by a ladyboy offering to have sex with him. When they arrived at the room, he found another ladyboy waiting for them on the bed. Moments later he was molested and his wallet containing 3,000 USD or 100,000 THB was gone and the two ladyboys had vanished.
Mr Alireza ran after them and caught one ladyboy but the other ladyboy attacked and hit him to the ground. Thereafter the ladyboys managed to escape on a motorbike.


  1. Thai January 10, 2012
  2. Starfisher January 10, 2012

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