What is a Thai bar girl

According to the Wikipedia the name bar girl is

“A bargirl is a woman who works as a hostess or dancer in bars to provide company or sexual services to patrons; the exact nature of services and varieties of bar varying by country/region. In most cases, these cater mostly to male clients, although in some cases a women are also clients.”

That is a very accurate way to describe the Thai Bar Girls but in Thailand we can separate them in too many different classes.

The Thai Bar girl is the most simple girl working out from a beer bar and she can be bought from a bar for a night or more by paying a bar fine to the bar. She makes money from having sex with clients and if the clients buy her lady drinks.

The Go Go girl is a girl that works in a Thai Go Go bar and “dance” on the stage with a number. She makes money the same as a bar girl but she does not have any cloth on for most of the time.

The Thai free lance girl can work in any of these places or from a disco she does not have any bar fine and she work when she wants to.

The hostess girl can also work in any of these places and most of them will go for clients but because they can speak better Japanese or English they fetech a better price. Many Thai girls working in Tanya Street in Bangkok are hostess and they just drink and sing with clients and no nothing more.

The Sponsor girl is a freelance girl that acts like a normal girl but really is a well paid free lance girl, she will not ask for money directly but find excuses to get money or get sponsored as a girlfriend or second wife. The Thai word for this is Mia Noi (smaller wife) and you can find them everywhere.

The Massage girl is a girl working in the many massage palaces in Thailand mostly catering Thai and Asian customers. She do body to body massage or special oil or bath massage.

There is also Karaoke, Café and Cocktail girls but they almost are exclusive for Thai clients and don’t not speak much Thai.

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