When a Thai bar girl start loving you

When you keep taking the bar girl time after time she will start loving and missing you. Some warning signs are:

  • She will send you several SMS per day telling you she miss you.
  • She wants to go with you doing things.
  • She will wait in your favorite nightclub.
  • She will call and say sorry if she goes with another customer.
  • She might get jealous if you go with another girl.
  • She will start buying you gifts and put her stuff in your place.
  • She might go down in price or go with you free (watch out).

This might not be a bad thing for some people but if you are constant butterfly, you will find that having many Thai girls sending you strange SMS all day long will enjoy you. If you taken a free ride you are rather hooked on this girl and she might consider you, a boyfriend and getting rid of her will cost you.
I had a friend that after 6 years of free bumping wanted to end what he thought was a nice thing from both part. The girl simply said ok no problem here is the bill for sex month of service honey.
There is no love in this equation but the bar girl think you want to hear that so they will love you and miss you and care for you as long as you take care of them. Most bar girls are very tired of change customers all the time and tired of having sex so when they find one that is nice they try to catch that butterfly. Nevertheless, as you know when you have a boyfriend girlfriend thing going on you stop having sex and the Thai bargirl knows this as well.


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