Where to take your bar girl in Pattaya?

Where to take your bar girl in Pattaya?

Many guys get a bar girl and then bring her back to the bar or even worse to another go-go bar. It is not much you can do in Pattaya when you done the beach walk a 100 times and looked at all the movies. The travel agencies all have the same activates and they probably overcharge you. But do not think for a moment that you new-found love enjoys going from bar to bar every night she will actually feel embarrassed. Even she is a girl working in the bar do not mean she enjoys sitting in the same bar every day right.

I helped do this free eBook for Amazon about Pattaya when I realized how few things there was to do in Pattaya. The book is free to download if you already with Amazon and if you not with Amazon you can join for a month free.

Here is some comments about the book.

“Did you know there’s a waterfall in Pattaya?” – Mark Rogers, Pattaya Mix 88.5.

“I don’t know about the waterfall in Pattaya” – David Indy, Grand plaza Hotel.

“There is a waterfall but I do not think many people know about it” – Bent Strudahl Hansen. Pattaya long time Resident.

“Wow there is a waterfall in Pattaya?” -Laurent A. Pousse. Shanghai, China.

“I was amazed there was a waterfall in Pattaya” – Robert Proctor. Sydney, Australia.

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