Why do you like Thai bar girls?

While writing this blog I really start asking myself why people keep flocking to Thailand and looking for love in a Thai bar girl.

  • Do you looking for something more feminine then a Swedish girl that always want you to be as much women as she is a man?
  • Do you want a wife that wears high heels all the time?
  • Are you looking for someone that does not speak your language because you do not really like to talk that much?
  • Are you tired of the Germans wife’s headache and big body and want something more willing and slender?
  • Do you want an exotic wife?
  • Do you want to hear the lies she tells you every day, that you are the most “handusum” man on the planet and your 200 KG overweight looks good on you?
  • Can you not get a girl in your own country?
  • Do you have some special fetish you want to explore with a girl that probably done everything in the sack already and would not say no to anything.

Whatever the reason you prefer Thai bar girl please send us an email and share with us.

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